Little Bee

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the novel ends with the particular quote because it wants the reader to understand that no matter how hard life can get, pain is just reminding you that you're still alive, that it is not over yet. The scars in your body show that you are a fighter, and what dosen't kill us makes us stronger. it also wants to show that the only person who is truly responsible for their happiness is the person itself. This proverb relates to the book because she always used to say once she saw the men coming she would kill herself the fastest way possible but then when she saw the soldiers she started to laugh. the novel ends with Sarah, Little Bee and Charlie coming back to Nigeria. I think that in the end of the book Little Bee survives, because there is a part in the beginning where she makes reference to the fact that if you can tell a story it means you are a survivor. Even thought the soldiers do capture her, maybe in the end she manages to be set finally free infact she quotes "and the next thing you know something marvelous is happening to her". Little Bee avoids telling her name in order to protect herself from men. This can also relate to the proverb, because she pretends to be someone else, and tries to forget her past just like someone can pretend to be a fat men. This proverb relates to the book as a whole because this story is a very deep and painful one; this means that it requires a very strong person to go throught it, just like Little Bee; who is a true fighter.
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