Litreature Review on Banking

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2. Literature Study and Analysis Planning is the first and the most crucial function of management that tell where to begin and how things would be well-organized in a system. Human beings are the most privileged animals of the creation because they need not start every new thing from the beginning. The past experience is always helpful to them. They learn from the past and make the plan for the future. In this context, a review was made of the existing relevant literature available on the topic. The review literature was categorized in five different categories. These were: 2.1 Studies related to information systems usage in the bank. 2.2 Studies related to information systems usage in other similar organizations. 2.3 Studies related to the performance of the bank. 2.4 Studies related to impact of technology on working of the bank. 2.5 Other related studies which can help in our research work.

2.1 Information Systems usage in the Bank The paper titled “Role of Information Systems in Banks: An empirical study in the Indian Context” by A.M. Rawani and M.P. Gupta (2002), made an attempt to explore empirically the difference in the role of IS in the banking industry, i.e., between public sector, private sector, and foreign sector banks operating in India. This paper uses a strategic grid to determine the role played by IS in banks. The study carried was focused on role of Information Systems in banks from the perspective of technical persons in development and maintenance of IS, i.e. strategic or supportive. The study indicated that IS played a supportive role in public sector banks and a strategic role in private


2. Literature Study and Analysis and foreign sector banks. The study also indicated that the future impact of IS does not vary significantly with the banking groups.

Kaushik Mukerjee (2006) in his paper “CRM in Banking-Focus on ICICI Bank’s initiatives” had focused on CRM in Banking and its applications in ICICI Bank. The CRM in ICICI is being used for targeting customers, sales, consistent interface with customers, etc. ICICI Bank has managed to focus better on customers by undertaking a serious approach that has enabled it to manage its operations effectively. It included better targeting of customers; higher share of wallet; more effective channel strategies; database marketing, etc. The bank is able to evaluate customer usage pattern through CRM data warehouse. New products are developed through extensive customer profiling. Through CRM, ICICI is able to manage its data centrally.

Shyam Ramadhyani (2006) in his paper titled “Audit of Banks operating in a computerized Information Systems Environment” focused on Audit related issues of IS in bank. It was emphasized that the use of computers changes the processing, storage, retrieval and communication of financial information and may affect the accounting and internal control systems employed by a bank. The potential for human errors in the development, maintenance and execution of computer Information Systems may be greater than in manual systems, due to level of details inherent in these activities. Through audit reviews, a thorough look and understanding of IS in bank can be seen. The audit of IS would provide us general understanding of IS in bank, managing authentication of users, access control, data security, data integrity, audit


2. Literature Study and Analysis logs, testing, accounting entries, data migration, network and RDBMS security, business continuity and disaster recovery plans, hacking,

identification of transaction for substantative checking, use of reports generated by system and documentation.

The paper titled “Application of IT in Banking” by K.S. Rajashekara (2004), talked about impact analysis of IT on banking. The problem of doing proper impact analysis is due to difficulty of measuring output accurately when the quality of service is changing as a result of such...
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