Lithium: A Resource for Future Cars

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Lithium, a resource for the future cars
Constraints are being adopted in a large diversity of fields to improve preventing global warming by reducing CO2 emissions. Consequently, the automobile industry has become a central point when reflecting on the impacts, cars generate on the environment. Moreover, this field has progressed in environmental technology, such as hybrid electric cars in the 1990's which have brought improvements to a time where vehicles have been powered by gasoline. The significant feature of hybrid technology is an augmentation of the engine with the help of an electric motor. It will eventually stimulate the economy and considerably reduce the amount of CO2 produced by the burning of fuel (Hitachi, Lithium-Ion Batteries on the Rise). Lithium-ion batteries are today the best compromise in terms of weight, price and autonomy. Indeed, its utilization increased in batteries manufacture mainly because to its ability to stock more energy than Nickel and Cadmium. To ensure a better performance, some battery manufacturers use the mix lithium-ion, but we can also find other mix like the ones made by Hyundai: Lithium-Air or Lithium-Polymer. Indeed, this metal is now found in most of our batteries and cells, in some glass and ceramics, and even in pharmacy. But unfortunately, they are far to compete face to petrol. (ARTE Future, Lithium une resource d’avenir). In the following paragraph, we will develop our knowledge about lithium. Lithium (from Greek lithos what means stone) is a soft, light, silver-white alkali metal with symbol Li. It is the third chemical elements in the periodic table. This means that it has 3 protons in its nucleus and 3 electrons in its outer shells. Its atomic number is 3 and its atomic mass number is 6.94.

Atomic structure of Lithium (BUBL, Chemical, para 6)

Lithium is the 33th element in most abundance on earth. Indeed, in 2009, USGC (United States geological survey) estimated its exploitable world...
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