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Topics: Literary theory, Literary criticism, Literature Pages: 14 (4200 words) Published: March 5, 2013

Executive Summary

Major Research Project ( 2009-2011)

Nativism in India:
A Study of Modern Indian Literature in the select Indian Languages Submitted to
Dr. Ashok Babar
P.V.P. Mahavidyalaya,
Kavathe Mahankal, Dist. Sangli. (Maharashta)
Contents |Chapters |Title |Page No. | | |Preface |03 | |1. |Indian Literature and Literary Theory |05 | |2. |Nativism: Indian Critical Discourse |29 | |3. |Indian Nativistic Literary Values |67 | |4. |Nativism in Indian Literature |120 | |5. |Nativistic Readings |141 | |6. |Nativistic Pedagogic Practices |186 | |7. |Conclusions |194 | | |Appendices: | | |I |Format for Personal Information about interviewees Questionnaire and |206 | |II |interviewes |207 | |III |The list of scholars and interviewees |212 | | |References, Bibliography and Webliography |220 |

Chapter – I
Indian Literature and Literary Theory
The present section is an attempt to define a category: Indian Literature, so that one can conjure up a vision of Indian literature which has become more and more relevant during 21th century. 1. 1 An idea of Indian literature:

Indian constitution gives us values : liberty, equality and fraternity. These values are Indian literary values, because literature is highly valued writing. In other words we can say Indian constitution is one although written for the Indian people who speak different Indian languages. Likewise Indian literature is one although written in the different Indian languages because their value systems and consequently value judgements are one. In addition, if there is one particular Indian constitution for all Indians then why not Indian literature? 1.2 Indian Literary Theory:

Indians must study our own tradition first and try to understand its useful theories to enrich literary angle as well as literary creations. We should also study the western or foreign literary criticism and try to accept whatever is useful as per our culture pattern. Chapter II

Nativism: Indian Critical Discourse
In this chapter an attempt has been made to study, analyze and assess the origin and development of Indian Nativism in literature. 2. Towards Nativistic Literary Theory:

i)A number of approaches to the study of Indian Literature are in vogue today – the Marxist, the feminist, the Orientalist, the Postcolonial, the subaltern, to mention a few. Their common drawback is their inability to see that the theory of the nativism is the key to this thought. The basic insight of the theory of...
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