Literature: the Living Art?

Topics: Art, Literature, Poetry Pages: 4 (1825 words) Published: April 14, 2013
“Powerful rhyme”: a living art?
What is life? What is it to be alive? Life is “the condition of being alive, a particular type or aspect of existence, and to have vitality or energy”. To be alive is to be “able and willing to respond, being alert and active and continuing in existence or use”. While to live is to “remain alive, be alive at a particular time, spend your life in a particular way, obtain the things necessary for staying alive” (Oxford, 2006). “Life is about making a decision – deciding to do something that moves you” (Marc, 2010). In these definitions, could it be said that non-living objects can also be considered alive? Maybe not in the way of living beings, such as breathing and eating, but they can also be “alive” in other aspects, and literature is one of those objects that are the “living” and “powerful” art as Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55 claims it. Via a responsive connection, there are claims that of art have saved one’s life, or even have given them life. While others, they have root out (bloomed) their life through it. Art is a form of expression through creativity and imagination. Physical art forms such as, masonry, paintings or even garden formation requires materials and tools to be shaped. While literary art is a notion of creativity through the play of words. Some written art are meant for performing arts to convey further expressions of meaning. While others are meant for being read silently or out loud and heard (Jewell R., 1987). Each form of art has their own way of expressing itself and giving and receiving responses. Therefore art has it ways of bringing itself to life. However, in “Sonnet 55”, Shakespeare claims that literature will outshine other forms of art. He states that it will not be compared to “marble” or “gilded monuments of princes”. “Marble” or “gilded monuments” are shiny and beautiful as they come, however, their beauty can not compare to “powerful rhyme[s]” or the beauty of literary art and that it “shall shine...
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