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One Theme
In the novel Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine, the theme that can be found is surviving divorce and remarriage

The first challenge is getting used to complicated living arrangements. Ralph had to remember whose house to go to on different days of the week. He ended up having two different lunch boxes to remind him where to go.

Another challenge is to accept a stepparent and stepsiblings. Pixie had a tough time trying to get along with her stepsisters, Hetty and Sophie. She was annoyed when she had to share a room with Hetty

The last challenge is loyalty. Claudia was not friendly to Stella at first because she did not want to hurt her mother. She was worried that being nice to Stella would mean that she is disloyal to her mother

It is not easy to cope with divorce and remarriage. It takes a lot of patience, tolerance and acceptance

Most Interesting Character
In the novel Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine, the most interesting character is Pixie

Pixie is interesting because she is smart. She was the first to realize what the five pupils had in common

Besides that, Pixie is very imaginative. She is able to create ghost stories to scare Hetty from staying in the same room with her

Pixie is outspoken and honest. She tells Lucy exactly what she thought of her daughters. She also told Lucy that she hated pretending that everything is all right

Pixie is interesting because she is smart, imaginative, outspoken and honest

One Moral Value
In the novel Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine, a moral value that can be found is love and devotion

The first character who showed love and devotion is Richard’s mother. She spent a lot of money seeking for Richard although she had to suffer Reverend Coldstone’s anger and disapproval. Another character who demonstrated love and devotion is Charlotte. She continued her mother’s search for her brother, Richard. Since she did not have any money, she married a rich man she did not love at 16.

Colin showed love and devotion too. He kept his Dad’s tobacco tin and hummed their favorite song. He does three paper rounds to earn money to search for his Dad when he is old enough

These characters have greatly showed their love and devotion. They proved that people will do anything for the ones they love

A Memorable Incident
In the novel Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine, a memorable incident is the death of Richard’s father  
The first change that Richard had to face is his mother’s marriage to Reverend Coldstone. Richard hated his stepfather because he enforced strict rules and made Richard feels that his house was like a prison. He also sent Richard away to Mordanger School for four years

Another change is betrayal. Richard felt that his mother had betrayed him when she allowed Reverend Coldstone to treat him badly. He also felt betrayed when Charlotte persuaded him not to hate his stepfather

Finally, Richard decided to run away and vanish. His departure caused financial ruin and heartbreak to his mother and sister. His mother spent a lot of money to search for him. Charlotte married a man she did not love to continue the search after their mother died

The death of Richard’s father brought about a lot of changes to Richard’s family. Most of them are sorrowful. From this incident, we must remember that we should be courageous in difficult times and not let others suffer from our bad decisions

Problems Faced By A Character
In the novel Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine. Colin had a few problems and had his own ways of overcoming them

The first problem that Colin had is when his mother suddenly decided to move away without his dad’s knowledge. He was always waiting for his dad to come to see them but he never did. So, he wrote a letter to his dad, but he never received any reply

Another problem is Colin missed his dad very much. Colin consoled himself by pretending his dad was around. He would put his dad’s tobacco tin under his pillow,...
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