Literature Review - Teaching with Poverty in Mind

Topics: Education, Poverty threshold, Poverty Pages: 3 (1452 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Final Paper Literature Review Jensen, Eric (2009) Teaching with Poverty in Mind As an educator, I have become fascinated with the area of brain research and how it affects our students. Therefore, my final paper, once again, is based on a book that focuses in this area, while deeply exploring the poverty that surrounds so many of our students. Drawing from his vast reservoir of literature on brain research, experience, and real life success stories, Jensen offers a wonderful resource on teaching children of poverty. The question he posits is If life experiences can change poor kids for the worse, cant life experiences also change them for the better This book focuses on the relationship between academic achievement and low socio-economic status (SES). Jensen presents six types of poverty Situational poverty Generational poverty Absolute poverty Relative poverty Urban poverty Rural poverty Poverty involves a complex array of risk factors that adversely affect the population in a multitude of ways. ( Emotional and social challenges ( Acute and chronic stressors ( Cognitive lags ( Health and safety issues (p.7) Emotional and social challenges are explained as the attachments formed between the parent and child. Such attachments can be weakened by povertys unfavorable characteristics and subsequently result in undermining emotional and social development and predisposing children to emotional dysfunction (p. 16). Acute and chronic stressors are associated with experiences of brief, but severe distress or excessive distress over time. Students subjected to such stress may lack crucial coping skills and experience significant behavioral and academic problems in school (p. 22). Cognitive lags are more commonly defined in education as achievement gaps found between varying socio-economic groups. Closely associated with such lags is language development (the foundation supporting academic success) for which poverty has been found to have the largest effect...

References: Shank, Jennifer. (2010 September 30) Review of Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen. Education Review, 13. Retrieved May 1, 2012 from http// Jensen, Eric (2009). Teaching with Poverty in Mind. Alexandria, VA ASCD Y, W6- W ,ot@O/ozNzbENf3rCMu3CR 62HpUq7lkV2Dp3tejGvxYRYmYL)QsV3VV
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