Literature Review on Employment/Labour Turnover

Topics: Employment, Research, Enthusiasm Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Literature Review
An employee is a particular individual that was hired by an employer to perform a certain task or a job. It’s the duty and the responsibility of the employee to perform the tasks that are being directed towards him/her by the employer and the employer must ensure that in return the employee is properly appraised for performing the task well. Employee appraisal is a vital part of the relationship between the employee and the employer. Employee appraisal is a source of motivation provided by the employer towards the employee to show whatever that he/she is doing or have already done is being appreciated by the company and that they wants the employee to keep up his/hers good performance. A well satisfied employee is always looking forward to perform much better day in day out and is willing work for the employer as long as he/she can. A demotivated employee’s enthusiasm is much lesser than a motivated employee’s enthusiasm. Enthusiastic behavior at workplace not leads up to great individual performance; it also enlightens the other individual that surrounds the particular enthusiastic employee. A less friendly workplace can be bad for such individual’s, maybe even the management’s harsh work ethic’s or the work load that is being diverted towards the employee’s from the top management can ruin the enthusiastic atmosphere of a work place. These sorts of phenomena’s can lead up to employee turnover. There are two known types of employee turnover scenarios that can occur within an organization. Involuntary turnover is the turnover that occurs for employee termination, absenteeism or due to violations of the workplace policies. Voluntary turn occurs when and employee leaves a particular organization on his/hers own accord. In such incidents the employee can have number of reasons for leaving the particular organization. Employee turnover is derived to be bad for the performance of an organization. Researches have been conducted throughout the years...
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