Literature Review on Digestive Enzymes

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Enzymes are complex proteins that cause a specific chemical change in all parts of the body (David C. Dugdale, 2011). When we understand enzymes we understand cells (Marshall Brian, 2001). In many organisms most chemical reactions are catalyzed -when a substance speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction- by enzymes. Each enzyme controls a certain function that happens in a cell. Still each one has its own process and rate that it converts molecules. Studying enzymes shows how chemical reactions work. Without enzymes, chemical reactions would never be possible. One important enzyme in the body is the digestive enzyme; it helps to digest food, for they are vital to humans and life (Jon Barron, 2011). STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF AN ENZYME

Each enzyme is made from an amino acid and is made by stringing together between 100 and 1,000 amino acids in a special order. The chain of amino acids then becomes a unique shape (Marshall Brian, 2001). The shape of the amino acids allows the enzyme to perform particular chemical reactions. The structure of an enzyme is crucial to its function. Enzymes only work with particular molecules and if something is different or is out of place the oddity affects the enzyme from doing its job (Andrew Rader, 2012). The enzyme binds one or more specific molecules called reactants in its active site, which is specially shaped to fit it. The substance or substances on which an enzyme acts is called its substrate. The enzyme and substrates together make an enzyme-substrate complex. The interactions between substrates and enzymes weaken the chemical bonds in the substrates, which cause a link between the two, and leads to a formation of a different molecule. Furthermore, that new molecule is released from the active site, and the enzyme resumes its original shape and starts the process all over again (Nazir Okur, 2007). ESSENTIAL ENZYMES IN THE BODY

An essential enzyme in the body system is the...

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