literature review of training and development

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This document is the first step towards Training Standardization and Evaluation as per Kirkpatrick’s Model.

To define the Learning Objectives and Assessment Methodology for all training modules.

We are defining the Learning Objectives-terminal and learning; for all the modules as per bloom’s taxonomy.
We shall also be deriving the target competencies, assessment methodology and documents in sync with the learning objectives.


An objective is a performance that the learners are expected to exhibit. When the learners are able to exhibit a performance successfully, they are considered competent in the instruction.
The objectives describe what a learner will be able to do after the instruction.

Components of an Objective

The skills that need to be taught. (Performance)
The conditions under which the skills are to be demonstrated. (Condition) The criterion for which the skills are judged. (Criteria)

Mapping Objectives to Bloom’s Level

In any training, the objectives, content, and the assessment should be at the same Bloom’s level.
Bloom’s Levels:
• Classifies knowledge for various learners
• Makes objective-driven instruction more effective

Terminal Objective

Terminal objectives describe the learner’s expected level of performance by the end of the training and describe results and not processes.
Terminal objectives assist in focusing efforts and to develop enabling objectives.

Version 1.0

Enabling Objectives

Enabling Objectives define the skills, knowledge, or behaviors participants must reach in order to successfully complete terminal objectives. Enabling objectives help us track participants competency.

We shall also be deriving the following out of the objectives: ...
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