Literature Review: Gender Issues

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Culture Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: April 8, 2013
With the significant manipulation in the representation of women in the society, it is surprising that the relationship between globalisation and gender inequality have attracted considerable attention in the recent decades. The stereotypic representation of Asian women has been an ongoing issue constantly in conflict within Asian countries. It has been acknowledged that women lacked in the benefits of rights and privileges. They are crucially restricted in terms of education, work, financial opportunities and individual rights and power at the level of the family and the society as a whole. This paper will focus on two articles, that have attempted to go beyond studies of women equality and social subjectivity, focusing on different analysis, including examining how globalisation and westernisation have influenced the stereotypical views of women within Asian societies. In addition, examining how media has taken the role of transforming the representation of women. Finally sharing insights to the stereotypical representation of chinese women in the Hong Kong society and how it has rapidly changed.

As women's equality within Asian societies is considered as one of the top priorities in development, research in women's status is growing. There has been an importance for addressing gender inequality in particularly amongst women to raise attention that the subjectivity and representation of women within asian societies needs to change. Tang et al. (2000) examined a case study of Chinese women in Hong Kong called “Breaking the patriarchal paradigm: Chinese women in Hong Kong”, signifying the representation and roles of women in asian societies and its impact on the transformation of women's equality. He defines Asian women by traditional qualities of a successful “housewife”, including values of submissiveness, dependence and self-sacrifice through principles of obediences (Tang et al. 2000, pp.189). The descriptive character of women as “housewives” have...

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