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Research Participation Task Alternative
Journal Article Summaries
Reference of the article (in APA format) including Author/s, Title of Journal Article, and Title of Journal, date of publication, volume etc. Sandra, L., Murray, D. W., Griffin, J. L., Derrick, B. H., Maya, A. & Sadie L. (2011). Satisfaction tempting fate or inviting happiness? : Unrealistic idealization prevents the decline of marital. Psychological Science, 22, 619-626. doi: 10.1177/0956797611403155. What is the research question or hypothesis of the study?

The hypothesis for this study expected that those actors who idealised their partner more during the time of marriage were more satisfied then those who idealised their partners less. Over a period of time, they expected the actors who viewed their partner as appearing like their ideal would continually benefit from this idea and that they would experience less drops in satisfaction over the beginning years of marriage. They also expected that the actors would also experience lower decreases in satisfaction of time from being idealised by their partner. What were participants asked to do (what did they experience in participating in the study)? There were seven-wave longitudinal studies that involved the participation of 222 childless couples in first time marriages between the times of 2-6 months. Both members from each couple were asked to complete measures of personality and psychological well-being on the Interpersonal Qualities Scale, which involved describing themselves, their spouse and their beliefs of an ideal spouse as well as a measure of marital satisfaction. Participants completed these measures at each time point, with some of the participants chosen completing these same measures in the laboratory at the 12-month, 24-month and 36-month assessment periods, and by mail for the 6-month, 18-month and 30-month assessment period. What was the outcome or conclusions of the study?

There analyse of the results involved 4 steps....
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