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Topics: Sustainability, Management, Triple bottom line Pages: 2 (852 words) Published: May 24, 2014
This article discusses about the progression of academic research in sustainable Operation Management (OM) and its connection to different firms. Journals and research papers published in International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM) are main source of this paper-work. This paper delivers a bibliometric analysis, covers the various efforts made on sustainable OM and its trend in since last few decades. The paper discusses about how the sustainable OM field is progressing, especially after a special issue published in IJOPM in 2001. Summary of different selective articles are included. Finally, future perspective of research directions complete this article. Every organisations nowadays are concerned in managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability as an essential matter of their operations management (OM). The demand to address sustainability in OM is driven by climate change and environmental issues, the workers well-being and communities, and other broad social demands defined as the triple bottom line [TBL] (Walker, Klassen, Sarkis, Seuring, 2014) the pursuit of social, economic and environmental objectives – within operations of a specific firm and operational linkages that extend beyond the firm to include the supply chain and communities. Different aspects of sustainable OM as mentioned in a recent study (Walker et al, 2014, p. 1) includes product design and eco-design, adoption of environmental and social standards, process improvement and lean operations, purchasing, supply chain management (SCM), logistics including recycling and closed-loop systems, performance measurement, and risk management. In the recent research (Walker, Klassen, Sarkis, Seuring, 2014, p. 1), it was found that the research regarding sustainable OM has been increasing in last two decades which can be considered as sensible changes in recent business and society. The underlying concern was that if we continue to consume resources at...
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