Literature Review

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, MySpace Pages: 5 (1651 words) Published: October 29, 2013


NAME: Hong Pham
Student Number: 100883930
Course: SOCI 1002
Instructor: Holly Thomas
Due Date: October 11, 2013

Question 1

How does male and female use Facebook in social interaction in social media sites setting?

Question 2+ Question 3

A. Haferkamp, N., Eimler, S. C., Papadakis, A., & Kruck, J. (2012). Men are from Mars, women are from Venus? Examining gender differences in self-presentation on social networking sites. Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking, 15(2), 91-98. The group of authors aim to explore whether or not the patterns of communication that has been established in face-to face communication based on gender are transformed into the communication behaviours engaged in by users, especially young people, on social networking site (SNS), specifically Facebook. In this journal, the authors examine the differences in self-presentation between men and women in social networking environment. Haferkampt argues that women’s online behaviour is more impersonally oriented while men are more task information oriented. She emphasizes the social interaction of men and women on SNS by conducting study of online survey and a content analysis of user profile elements. Those profiles are used particularly to create an online identity on SNS. There are three main research questions have been asked to clarify the abstract of this study; also give a concrete and specific answer for these questions. It has revealed that men and women have different motives in term of using social networking websites. As the result of the research, the group of the authors conclude that men and women are both concerned about how they are perceived by others in the social networking environment. However, they have their own way to express what they concern about themselves and their surrounding environment. B. Thompson, S. H., & Lougheed, E. (2012). Frazzled by Facebook? An exploratory study of gender differences in social network communication among undergraduate men and women. College Student Journal, 46(1), 88-98. The authors aim to examine the gender differences in social networking communication. The authors focus on the undergraduate students’ group. At first, the author states the impact of Facebook to its users in the society. The author argues that Internet communication has poorer quality than face-to face ( FTF) communication; and youth who has poor social skills, are often drawn to Internet interaction. The second argument is that the adjustment of online communication due to the fast growing of technology. The author focuses on the time that young men and young women that they spend on Facebook and how they represent themselves differently on Facebook. After conducting the research of survey, feedback and data analysis, the author draws and conclusion of using Facebook is a part of everyday activities. The study shows that women are better at using facial and vocal cues in communication but these skills are not viewable on SNS like they are in FTF communication, they can find it is difficult to read the meaning and tone of what another person is saying. Surprisingly, the result of the research also shows that the distinct of gender different is found related to anxiety and stress in the real life and the reason is drawn from the Facebook’s usage. C. Bond, B. J. (2009). He posted, she posted: Gender differences in self-disclosure on social network sites. Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking, 6(2), 29-37. In this journal, Bond examines gender as a possible factor influencing self-disclosure on social network sites. He argues that women are more to self-disclose about many topics on different aspects on their social network profile, while men want to self-disclose with closed personal relationship such as family and friends. He also portrays the content, information of posts based on men’s/women’s interest and lifestyle. By using the survey and data analysis,...
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