Literature Review

Topics: Distance education, Education, E-learning Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: February 24, 2013
A literature review revealed research and studies based on implementation of a variety technologies in college courses. “The Internet has opened many possibilities for the classroom instruction but it can also be a barrier to teaching as well” (Bugeja, 2006). The new innovative technologies provide opportunities to improve learning and create a more exciting and motivating environment (Connors, 2007).

Technology has opened a wide range of possibilities for the college classroom. Thus, the classroom has changed in a variety of ways. Some courses have been converted to fully online courses. Students and instructors do not have any face-to-face contact in these courses. Other courses have converted a portion of their courses to online. These classes are generally referred to as Hybrid classes. Students and meet face-face course but have integrated technology into those courses. Instructors have utilized a variety of technologies that include but are not limited to: •Live Chats

Threaded Discussions – Forums
Powerpoint Presentations
Word Processors
Online Portals
Electronic Portfolios/Projects
Online Exams

This is a case study of the implementation of online exams in a traditional classroom. Students in two courses are given two exams a midterm and a final. Students are given a paper exam that has been utilized previously in other courses as the midterm. Then an online exam was utilized in the courses for their Final Exam. The case study looks at the success of the online exam from the point of view of the students and instructors.

According to a case study by Ralph, Buskirk, and Schmidt (2007) regarding the use of online projects, students in favor of online projects indicated that the accessibility to the professor for fast and easy feedback was a great asset. Futhermore, the study revealed that when implementing technology students were concerned with the expense of the technology, the...
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