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Modern Poetry


1. Yeats as a love poet. 2009***
2. Use of symbols in Yeats’ poetry. 2008**
3. What romantic elements do you find in Yeats’ poems? 2007*** 4. What modern elements do you find in Yeats’ poems? 2009** Walt Whitman
5. Consider Whitman’s treatment of soul, self and body. 2007*** Or
How does Whitman ‘song’ and ‘celebrate’ the self in his Song of Myself? 2008*** 6. How Whitman broke with the traditional verse forms and themes in his poetry? 2003, 2006, 2008*** 7. Whitman’s use of symbols. 2003

Whitman is merely fantastic in his symbolism. Discuss with reference to Song of Myself. 2009** Robert Frost
8. Dramatic quality in Frost’s poems. 2001, 2003, 2009***
How Frost uses the dramatic narrative form? 2006
9. Frost’s treatment of nature. 2000, 2006/Relationship between men and nature/men and women in Frost’s poetry. 2008*** 10. Frost’s handling of psychological tension. 2007**
W H Auden
11. What picture of contemporary do you find in Auden’s poetry? 2000, 2005, 2007*** Or
Auden preferred to confront modern problems directly in his poetry – Elucidate. 2009*** Or
How does Auden’s social consciousness shape his poetry? 2002, 2008*** Or
Auden is very much the poet of his times; first of the depression and then of the age of the refugee. 2005 Or
How Auden combined political consciousness with personal concern? 2006 12. Auden’s use of mythology in his poetry. 2009**
Dylan Thomas
13. How does Dylan Thomas celebrate life over death? 2009*** 14. Dylan Thomas as a material artist. 2007**
Comment on Dylan Thomas’ obsession with words. 2009**
15. The poetry of Dylan Thomas is a celebration of the unity of all life. 2008** Seamus Heaney
16. Irish troubles are an important theme in many of Seamus Heaney’s poems. 2006*** Or
How Heaney’s concern has been to give a voice to the silent and oppressed. 2009*** 17. How does Heaney’s poetry combine picture of ancient Ireland with those of modern time? 2008**...
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