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PATHFINDER ON PHILIPPINE LITERATURE Scope Note: “Philippine Literature is a diverse and rich group of works that has evolved side by side with the country’s history. Literature has started with fables and legends made by the ancient Filipinos long before the arrival of the Spanish influence. The main themes of Philippine literature focus on the country’s pre-colonial cultural traditions and the sociopolitical histories of its colonial and contemporary traditions.” (Quoted from: “Literature is derived from the Latin term litera which means letter. It has been defined differently by various writers.” (Source: Kahayon, Alicia H.; Zulueta Celia A. Philippine literature through the years. PL 6153 K34 2000) Use for: Philippines -- Literatures Narrower terms: Bikol literature Cebuano literature Children’s literature, Philippine Children’s stories, Philippine (English) College student’s writings, Philippines Epic poetry, Philippine Folk literature, Philippine Folk poetry, Philippine Gaddang literature Gay’s writings, Philippine (English) Hiligaynon literature Horror tales, Philippine (English) Humorous stories, Philippine (English) Iloko literature Love stories, Philippine (English) Mangyan literature Manuvu literature Maranao literature Palawano literature Pampanga literature Philippine drama Philippine essays Philippine fiction Philippine literature (English) Philippine literature (Spanish) Philippine poetry Philippine wit and humor

Protest literature, Philippine Protest poetry, Philippine Revolutionary literature, Philippine Satire, Philippines Short stories, Philippines (English) Tagalog literature Tina Sambal literature Waray literature


Books on Philippine Literature located at Arts and Sciences Satellite Library are: An approach to literature : (modern genres from America, Britain and the Philippines). Romero, Perlita P. PL 5531 R664 1997 An approach to literature :...
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