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Refer to Creswell Figure 2.1

Literature Map - Security Architecture

Literature Map
Literature citation
Project Management Industry Trends
Project Management Terminology
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Project Escalation and Abandonment Factors
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Leadership and Vision
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Project Control
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Project Performance Measures
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Literature Trends
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Organizational Dynamics
Organizational Climate
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Corporate Change Management
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Organizational Change Management
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Human Resource Factors
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IT Alignment
Corporate Strategy
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Business Process Management and Reengineering
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Project Management Office
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Business IT Alignment
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Figure : Research Topic Map

Four Major Research Areas
Research Area
Goals and Measures
Design Processes
Process Models
Enterprise and ME
Mission, strategy and measures for ME
Strategic Planning
Enterprise Strategy Process Model

Enterprise Management

Asset Management

IT Strategic Planning (adopting mobile technologies)
IT Strategy Process Model

Reuse Program Management

Domain Engineering

Human Resource

Quality Management
Total Quality Process Model

Performance and Conformance

EA and MEA
Business architecture and IT architecture for business
processes, value chains, activities
Business Architecture
Enterprise architecture process model

Information Architecture

Application Architecture

Data Architecture


Security Architecture


IT Governance


Emerging Technology and Mobile Technologies
Mobile technology strategic goals and measures
Mobile Project Management
Planning (Mobile Initiative project)
Project Life Cycle Model

Primary Life Cycle Processes
Acquisition Process Model
Unified Process Model
Support and Management
Maintenance and Continuum
Quality Management
Configuration Management
Mobile Management
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