Literature, Civics, and Economics

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Literature, Civics, and Economics
Ashley L. Kidd
Grand Canyon University: EED-465 Social Studies
February 17, 2013

Literature, Civics, and Economics

Literature is a great resource to begin a social studies unit on. Depending on your literature choice you can influence the connections between prior knowledge, new material, and unknown information. Literature can bring alive core values and morals that are applicable to the students and the classroom as a whole. If you use historical fiction as a basis to begin a new unit you can use the material as a secondary or even a primary resource to support the new material that will be learned.

Understanding the difference between literature for instance a textbook and a trade book makes it possible for you to understand what are the best activities to complete for pre-reading, reading, and post-reading. As a teacher you did not just begin and end with literature activities but classroom learning through many different avenues. One of the core responsibilities as a teacher is to help students be successful in a civic. Establish a strong classroom with instruction that carries out the values and morals that you want instilled in your students helps them feel secure and ready to learn.

We may not be the parents of the students we have in our classroom but it is our duty as the teacher to establish rules and safety boundaries for all students to comprehend and abide to. Just as the state and government have rules for us as citizens we need to teach our students their important civic duties which begin with the classroom rules, boundaries, and relationships.

As responsible citizens and students we can not end with awareness and acceptance of rules, relationships, and multi-cultural education but extend to global citizenship and education. Social studies expands throughout many categories combining many cultures into one global perspective. Introducing our children to different economies, history,...
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