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Paranoid Personality Disorder and Sociodemography: A 25-Year Study of First Admissions to a Danish General Psychiatric Hospital University of Central Florida
Paranoid personality disorder can be characterized by being suspicious or always watching one’s back. This study aims to observe the characteristics of those with paranoid personality disorder and is confined to a small sample size. Most previous studies were not done in clinical settings, where as this specific study is done in a psychiatric hospital. The findings are scarce, so this study seeks to find more information on paranoid personality disorder. Methods

Patients who were admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Denmark and had paranoid personality disorder were chosen to take part in the study. The study was 25 years long and examined most of the patients until they died. Subjects were left out of the study if they had other health concerns such as chronic drug and alcohol abuse or autism. I believe the downfall to this includes leaving patients out. The sample size started out quite large, but then became smaller when patients did not meet certain criteria. Also, the study should have taken place in multiple areas other than just Denmark. Results

Almost 24,000 cases were reviewed and only 15 cases met the criteria of having only paranoid personality disorder. If the criteria were not as incredibly strict, the results would differ. In fact, I think that there are many more people who have paranoid personality disorder, but the study is so limited by using just the hospital in Denmark. Furthermore, I believe patients should be considered to have paranoid personality disorder even if they may be too old or too young. Criminals were excluded from the study, however, they should be included because their criminal tendencies may be a contribution to their disorder. Discussion

As you can see, patients with paranoid personality disorder are hard to come by. However, as I...

Cited: Fryd Birkeland (October 2011). Paranoid personality disorder and sociodemography: A 25-year study of first admissions to a Danish general psychiatric hospital. Retrieved from
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