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Kazuki Aoyama
Elements of Literature 2
Final Draft

New Radio Tower
The new radio tower was built in Tokyo last year. It is called Tokyo Skytree, and it had to be built for the purpose of adaptation to a new type of television, digital terrestrial broadcasting. However, there are several reasons because of radio interference, the Japanese companies were change their type of television, and influence on public opinion, why the Tokyo Skytree was built.

First of all, the Tokyo Skytree had to be built because, in Tokyo, there is a serious problem that about radio transmission. In Tokyo, there are lots of high buildings. This implies that Tokyo was well developed, but on the other hand, it implies that those high buildings block radio transmission. In Tokyo, there is Tokyo Tower, which is the one of Tokyo’s radio towers. However, Tokyo Tower interrupted by radio interference because of those high buildings. Therefore, it is difficult for the citizens to see several channels on their televisions, so the Tokyo Skytree had to be built to avoid that interference.

Secondly, the Tokyo Skytree had to be built because Japan was changing to a new type of television. The Japanese broadcasting companies were planning to change their television type from analog terrestrial broadcasting to digital terrestrial broadcasting. However, the companies found out that the Tokyo Tower could not bear digital terrestrial broadcasting. Accordingly, if they would change their television type to digital terrestrial broadcasting, they needed to build a radio tower more than six hundred meters tall. Therefore, they planned to build a new radio tower in Tokyo.

Finally, the Tokyo Skytree had to be built because the citizens recommended that the Tokyo Skytree be built. However, there were some citizens who argued, too, because the cost of going up to the Tokyo Skytree’s observatory had been very expensive. They had to pay two thousand yen if they were adults. Accordingly, those...

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