Topics: Literature, Art, 2nd millennium Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: July 12, 2013
Agsaoay, Jetherca Zel M.Sir Eugene Geminiano

1. Why do we need to study literature?
* Literature is filled with ideas that need to be explored.      * Literature helps us to see our world in new ways. It brings us to a deeper understanding of life. * It is important to study literature since when we begin the study of literature,we find it has always two aspects,one of the simple enjoyment and appreciation and the other of analysis and exact description. Usually what happen when we go through literature in our classroom either by ourselves or teacher use to teach one thing matters very much and that is the importance of literature for students.

The first significant thing is the artistic quality of all literature.All art is the expression of life in forms of truth and beauty or in another word which exist in this world and which remain unnoticed until bought to our attention by some sensitive human soul same like the delicate curves of the shell reflects sounds and harmonies too faint to be otherwise noticed. In the same pleasing,surprising way,all artistic work must be a kind of revelation as architecture is probably the oldest creative work of arts and yet we still have many builders but few architects,that is,men whose work in wood or stone suggests some hidden truth and beauty to the human senses.

It is a prevalent opinion that literature is like all arts is mere play of imagination,pleasing enough like a new novel without any serious or practical importance.Nothing could be farther from the truth, Literature preserves the ideals of a people and these ideal are love, faith, duty, friendship, freedom and reverence which are the part of human life most worthy of preservation. * To know the beauty of creation, to know about human evolution, to know the various cultures & civilizations, to be compassionate, to understand human values and concerns about other earthlings, to enjoy the fine art of writing, to learn how to...
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