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Main Character List

* Purple Hibiscus
* Kambili : love and respect Papa; always hope Papa proud of her. Against her Papa at the end but still love him very much. Healing from trauma and can easily laugh, run, and looking for the future. Love equal pain to kambaili. (zip of love, tongue burn)

* JaJa: Listen to his Papa but first against him; help sister Kambili and Mama all the time and sacrifices himself for the family.

* Papa Eugene: (The representative of post colonialism’s); strict and controls all his family. Religious and does not allow kids to visit grand-papa very often since he is a pagan. Contribute a lot to the community and work hard to against the government and tell the truth through newspaper “Standard”. (Exposes negative aspects of society). Highly praised/respectively——In fact, he control ppl’s thoughts as same as colonialism did on the country.

* Aunty Ifeoma: Independent, open minded, positive, brave and against unfair/ inappropriate treatment on Kambili and Jaja or school, encourage her kids to speak up and challenging authority as well. Support Kambili and help her to heal from trauma

* Father Amadi: He is an important role in helping Kambili healing from traumatic past. He supports Kambili and takes great care of her.

* Mama: Traditional and rely on Papa, loses baby twice and cannot prevent her kids from beating by Eugen, very different from Aunty. However, kill the Papa at the end (poison)---not the best way to solve the problem or protect kids and her.

* A long way gone
* Ishmael: A normal kid turn to able to kill because of disassociation, (join the army because of lost family, starving), able to rehabilitate and have opportunity to go to New York and attend UN. During the trip, he meets Laura, his future Mama. To avoid being the boy soldier again, he leaves Sierra Leone and stays with Laura in New York City.

* Nurse Esther: She is an important role in helping Ishmael rehabilitating from the trauma, the experience being a boy soldier. She supports Ishmael, buys Walkman and cassette for him to listen to the music, encourage him to speak up the pain.

* Uncle Tommy: Another important role in supporting Ishmael rehabilitate from the past. Kind and take care of him. Do what he promise to him and welcome him to the new home and family.

* Udaan
* Rohan: Hope to receive Papa’s love. Being abandoned in boarding school for 8 years and hasn’t seen his papa for once. Love writing but forced to study engineering by his papa.

* Arjun: A little child follow Papa’s (‘Sir’) rule from birth and get beaten frequently and lastly sent to hospital by serious violence. Doesn’t even know his mother and feels hopeless when Rohan decide leaving home.

* Papa: Strict to his children and forces them call him “sir” and requests them to follow his rules. Ask Rohan to give up the dream of being a writer and instead of working in his factory to be an engineer.

* Uncle: Support Rohan to be a writer; very kind to Rohan and Arjun. Take a great care to Rohan and makes a great effort on persuading his papa to treat them nicer.

* My Parent’s Bedroom
* Monique: Pretty, looks like her mama Tutsis
* Jean: Looks like his papa Hutus
* Papa: Hutus, love Monique very much and does not want to kill Mama. * Mama: Tutsis, love Jean very much and willing to sacrifice herself to save her children’s lives. * Tonton Nzeyimana (the wizard): Doesn’t like crucifix, a pagan and very powerful. He can put his spell on you until you become useless. Hates his skin color and doesn’t want to pass on. * Tonton Andre (Papa’s brother): He’s cross between Papa and Mama---as tall as Mama but not quite as dark as Papa. His wife is Tutsi like Mama but as dark as papa.

Concepts and Vocabulary:

* Signs and effects of Trauma
Sign of symptoms: flashbacks, nightmares;...
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