Literary Works Often Show Men And Women Struggling To Resolve Problems And Not Succeeding Very Well

Topics: Bullying, Egypt, Culture of Egypt Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Literary works often show men and women struggling to resolve problems and not succeeding very well. To what degree do you find this true in Woman at Point Zero?

Throughout Woman at point zero the reader finds Firdaus presented with a copious amount of problems where the solutions to these problems are either non-existent or only provide Firdaus with alternate problems, displaying the struggle that she is faced with during the text.

One of the first tribulations she has to over come is the fact that women in the Egyptian society are molded from an early age into an inevitably abusive and oppressive culture, as if there are no other options in their lives. This is shown when Firdaus’ mother makes her clean her father’s legs as well as performing the various other mundane chores that she, along with the rest of the women of the Egyptian culture have to do, such as cooking and cleaning. This is a problem for Firdaus, as she doesn’t agree with the fact that women should have to do this. We can see from the way she loses respect for her mother when she realizes that this abusiveness presented towards women in the Egyptian society is being condoned by not only letting, but also making Firdaus perform these tasks. She describes the fire in her mother’s eyes as “dying” which symbolizes the loss of respect that Firdaus has for her mother due to the fact that her mother is conforming to a life like this. Oppression is existent from an early age and so women are immediately stripped of any form of power and are guided into a life of maltreatment. However Firdaus sought to overcome this problem by seeking a life of power that in turn leads to alternate problems.

To surpass the difficulty of cultural molding Firdaus tries to find a life where she has power over men regardless of the fact that this life is one of prostitution. She sells her body for a price as it forms a sense of desire within men for Firdaus, making her feel empowered. Firdaus now has something...
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