Literary theories

Topics: Literary criticism, Literature, Literary theory Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Solidad Reyes’ view on Literary History, Literary Theory and Literary Criticism

In an attempt to solve different problems and issues in Literary Studies such as the effects of major trends to modern Philippine Literature, role of the audience and critics in studying text, three areas of literary study was explained, literary history, literary theory and literary criticism and their integration to Philippine Literature. Each area was explained based on their individual roles or impacts in the study of Philippine Literature. The first area discussed was literary history, stating that among the three, this area is mostly used or studied by various scholars. Reasons for this are very obvious, history a big part of everything. Through the study of literary history, their view of the texts published in modern day will be affected. Even the content of present texts are very much affected, examples of these would be collections of autobiographies of past individuals and other recollections of various past events. Literary history also tries to put the reader to a particular period in time, specifically from the past. The study of this area also changed the standards of critics, which led to the stricter reviewing of old text as to whether or not they are going to be considered or given the label of Philippine Literature which ,by what the critics want, pertains not only to texts in Tagalog-speaking regions but also including those from different ethnic groups. Basically they want Philippine Literature to refer to really the literature of the whole Philippines. These standards eventually led to the change of interest of writers, many of them started writing in their own regional dialects and eventually like what English literature offered, different genres of literature are now available in many regional dialects. Through this, not only are their culture being reflected but also a significant period of time in their tribe. Also, writers occasionally write from...
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