Literary Terms for The Grapes of Wrath

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Literary Terms

Setting: The setting first takes place in Oklahoma in the 1930s.This is important setting because this is one of the main places of the depression era.

A: The main characters are Tom Joad, Jim Casy, Al Joad, Ma Joad, Pa Joad, Uncle John Joad, Rose of Sharon Joad, and Authority figures ( Roadside camp proprietors; Police).
B: Minor Characters in the story would include Grandma, and Granpa because they went along with them on the ride to Califiornia. Noah, Winfield, and Ruthie where also important because they were siblings of the joad family and help the family on the ride west. Muley Graves was in the begining of the story, but helped Tom Joad, and Jim Casy by telling Tom where his family headed to. Ivy, and Sairy Wilson where the Joad's traveling companions till they reached the desert. Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright Share the boxcar with the joads near the end of the novel. Ezra Huston is the chairman of the Central committee in the government camp at Weedpatch. The last minor character is Willie Eaton and he was in the charge of the entertainment committee at the government camp, and helped start the riot against the Farmers Association.

Major Conflicts: The major conflicts in the story are when Tom Joad gets out and his family has vacated their house, but by luck they spotted Muley Graves and he told them that his folks where at his Uncle Johns. The second conflict would be when Granpa dies of a stroke in the Wilson's tent. They decide to bury him there because they did not have the fourty dollars to get him burried. At the end they leave a note saying who it is, and how he died. The third conflict would be when Noah decides he dosent want to go into the desert. The family left him there becasuse he refused to go. Major conflict number four would be when the Wilson car broke down on the way west. They resolved this by leaving Tom,and Jim Casy so that Al can drop the rest of the family at a camp for the night. Al drove back and...
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