Literary terms

Topics: Rhyme, Figure of speech, Vowel Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Literary Terminology
STYLE: The manner of a literary work is its style, the effect of which is its tone. Below are concepts by which you can analyze stylistic features. Figures of Speech
Alliteration: The repetition of an initial consonant sound or consonant cluster in consecutive or closely positioned words Anaphora: The repetition of words or groups of words at the beginning of consecutive sentences, clauses or phrases Assonance: The repetition of identical or near identical stressed vowel sounds in words whose final consonants differ, producing half rhymes. Chiasmus: The inversion of an already established sequence. This can involve verbal echoes. (repetition of a word), or it can be a matter of syntactic inversion Consonance: The repetition of final consonants in words or stressed syllables whose vowel sounds are different Homophone: A word that sounds identical to another word but has a different meaning Onomatopoeia: Verbal sounds that imitate and evoke the meanings they denote Rhyme: The repetition of identical vowel sounds in stressed syllables whose initial consonants differ. Rhyme includes masculine and feminine forms, half rhyme, full rhyme, rhyme riche, off rhyme… Figures of Thought/ Trope/ Conceit

Allegory: Saying one thing and meaning another. Allegories may be momentary aspects of a work as in a metaphor, or through an extended metaphor may constitute the basis of a narrative Antithesis: Juxtaposition of opposed terms in clauses or sentences that are next to or near each other. Emblem: A picture allegorically expressing a moral or a verbal picture open to such interpretation. Euphemism: The figure by which something distasteful is described in alternative, less repugnant terms. Hyperbole: Overstatement, Exaggeration

Irony: Saying one thing and meaning its opposite/ the opposite of what is stated. Litotes: Understatement by denying the contrary
Metaphor: The identification or implicit identification of one thing with another with which it...
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