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Literary Review: The Great Gatsby

By Kaely435 Jan 08, 2014 768 Words
Part 2-
1. In your opinion, what is "The American Dream"? Live life by discovery, live a non-driven life, FREEDOM. 2. According to the media, advertisements, salaries, and society in general, what is "The American Dream"? How does this compare to your definition of "The American Dream"? The American dream according to social media is a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. It compares due to the state of mind being FREEDOM. 3. List at least five elements that make up Jay Gatsby's American Dream. Money

Lavish parties
His love for Daisy
Self made man
4. For each of the five elements you listed in question 3, consider what is wrong with either Gatsby's concept of the dream or the way he attempts to attain it. Money- Root to all evil!
Lavish Parties- Life is not always fun!
Love for Daisy- Wont make him a self made man
Hope- no argument
Self made man- How can you make yourself a self-made man, with parties, and loving a girl...? 5. As you read the novel, copy down a specific quotation or quotations that most relate to the concept of the American Dream as it is presented in the novel. Elements That Make Up Jay Gatsby's American Dream

What is Wrong With Gatsby's Concept of the Dream or The Way He Attempts to Attain It 1. Money
 Money is not a necessity to satisfy all. what happens when you can't and/or stop getting it? 2. Parties
 Life doesn't revolve around parties 9 times out of 10 a party will not help you succeed... 3. Daisy
 What if things change in a relationship. Daisy is not to fond of him... 4. Hope
 Nothing here is wrong with hope. Hope is a good thing to live by in my opinion. 5. Self Made
 Self made is another good thing in my eyes. You can't always depend on other people!

Part 3-
The tragic twenties, decay, hid corruption? evidence is clear in history that it was and did. However it was more prevalent on the east coast than anywhere else, and it still characterized the entire decade for America. Victorian ideals and the spirit the spirit of the young led the collapse of ethics and left the decade empty with deeper meanings. Pleasure and money. Daisy can represent a metaphor in the 1920's. The start of the superficiality was the increase of company growth, causing economy to expand. This created the opportunity for an average person to improve income. In turn, spending increased and the stock market was a popular place for investment. Thus allowing people to receive more money faster and easier. New and rich are now creating their own world. Because of this social expectations according to sex and age were being created to "fit". The "flapper" stereotype was followed by a new "generation" of young women. This term is a liberal and non-traditional reaction to hypocrisy. Some characteristics are drinking hard liquor, more casual sexual activity, and thousands of years ago a "bond" of the legs from the public society by wearing knee length skirts. Epidermal exposures of female anatomy inspired the first "Miss America Pageant". 1921. Initiation of candidness sexuality was due to the nerve of WW1 veterans of the time. Thus influencing majority with ground-breaking literature. The mark was made so effectively in such that writers established groups to discuss the new material planned to devote entire books. The great Gatsby is an excellent example of the twenties due to the authenticity of the author, notoriously known for his extravagant lifestyle. As a matter of fact the love of Gatsby and Daisy can draw some similar lines to his own marriage to Zelda. Further investigation, the life to wealth was frequently dishonest. The "underground world" that was developed or largely expanded from prohibition was the stage for organized crime. It was not difficult to find a place for sale of illegal alcohol. This was perilous because the law enforcement had no part in making safe alcohol consumptions. Lawbreakers started flourishing. Their were demands made in which there was no regulation and officials who more likely than not did not care. Reverence towards government law and authority was dwindling. "Gangster's" were raising by the thousands. Al Capone was an incredibly powerful man in Chicago. A "God among gangsters". He bootlegged alcohol. His power was tenfold when the politicians were molded into his puppets by his money and threat of violence. In both instances he followed through on his promises. Delightful money-made and non-correlating moralistic world of the upper-class was a common theme of Great Gatsby.

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