Literary Devices Used in the Scarlet Ibis

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Levi Orr
Mrs. Clarke
Freshman English
Scarlet Ibis Paragraph
Literary Devices Used in the Scarlet Ibis
In James Hurst’s Short Story “the Scarlet Ibis” The scene of the ibis’s death is used to symbolize and foreshadow doodle’s tragically premature death. One Saturday afternoon at lunch, the family heard a croak coming from the bleeding tree, and doodle ran outside to see what it was. He found a scarlet ibis “perched precariously” in the tree awkwardly flapping its “uncoordinated wings” Doodle is awkward and uncoordinated as well, because of his disability; doodle cannot walk run and play like the other kids his age. After the bird fell from the tree and died, the family discovered that the ibis was many miles from home. The scarlet ibis being far from home is like doodle, because neither of them fit in their surroundings. The bird doesn’t fit in because it belongs in the tropics, and doodle does not fit in because of his condition and the way he was born in the caul, he wasn’t even given a name for 3 weeks. Since the ibis symbolizes doodle, and the bird died, this foreshadows that doodle will die a tragically premature death.

Levi Orr
Sophomore English

In the story Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, I believe that Caesar's killing was not justified, because an entire war was started between Antony, Brutus, and Cassius. If Caesar was not killed, then there would be no chaos or war. Julius Caesar wasn’t as bad as he seemed, yes he was very power hungry, but what he was trying to do was also for the good of Rome, while Brutus and Cassius killed Caesar for only themselves, and not for the good of their country.

Brutus and Cassius thought it would be easy to take over Rome after Caesar was dead, but they were dead wrong. Once other people heard the news, they also wanted in. Antony was one of them, so he spoke at Caesar’s funeral, to show how terrible a deed was done, and what Caesar had in his will. Chaos started, and war broke out, tearing...
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