Literary Devices Used In The Book Of Esther

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The author’s purpose in writing the Book of Esther was to emphasize the importance of the Jewish people in God’s plan and to have them remember his divine providence. We can also find examples of leadership traits mentioned in its pages. The well-crafted plot uses several literary tools to make key points and provide humor. Most notable is the use of irony, motif and subversion throughout the text.
A profound example of irony occurs in Esther 6:1-6:11, when Haman mistakenly believes that King Ahasuerus wants to honor him. Suffering from insomnia, the king reads the royal records and finds out that Mordecai had prevented an assassination attempt on his life. Realizing that Mordecai was never rewarded for this act, the king summons Haman to consult with. The king asks Haman, “What shall be done for the man whom the king wishes to honor?” (Esther 6:6). Haman, thinking he is the one the king wishes to recognize, comes up with the greatest honor his mind can
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The characters, Esther and Mordecai represent the Jewish people in their struggle to survive annihilation at the hands of their enemies. A component of the struggle is that Esther and Mordecai are Jews living in Persia and therefore have less status and authority. However, as the story moves forward Esther defies the odds by becoming Queen, and Mordecai gains standing after foiling the assassination attempt. Through good intentions and not force or violence, they rise from having almost no power to become two of the most powerful people in the Persian Empire. Again, their methods of negotiation and tactics rather than an open attack allow them to infiltrate the Persian monarchy and direct the action from behind the scenes. Esther upends the power structure in Persia and leads the Jews in establishing themselves as equals. Serving leaders level the playing field, empowering their followers and putting them

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