Literary Device Essay

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Bianca Lynch
Literary device essay

In the novel At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks He uses mood to help you understand the main character, this also helps you to empathize with his problems and correlate to how they may feel. Another literary device he uses to help you connect to the novel is imagery; he paints an elaborated picture of the town Jeremy Marsh now lives in with his new wife Lexi.

The Author describes Boone Creek, a small town in NC Jeremy Marsh has recently moved to for his fiancé Lexi Darnell, as a small country hick town that anyone coming from NYC would be ashamed to call home. As Jeremy starts to feel more at home, His perspective of the town is changed. It changes from being a hick town to somewhere refreshing where he could see himself settling down with Lexi and their Daughter to come he expresses this early on in ch. Four of the novel, “The last month in Boone creek, boring as it had been, was actually…refreshing” (Jeremy pg 52). In fact he gets so used to the town that when he went back home to NY for his bachelor party he felt out of place, as if something just didn’t fit. His brothers and best friend Alvin criticized his clothes, the “lumberjack” shirt Lexi bought him. Although Jeremy always did consider himself a somewhat “stylish” man and if he was still living in NY would have never been seen in those clothes by wearing it made him feel somehow connected to Lexi and his new home Boone Creek. As I read this novel I pictured a clean cut New Yorker moving so a small country town and becoming lost in all the small town gossip and unfamiliar country ways.” They’ll talk behind our backs, they’ll gossip, and it’ll take folks along time to forget that we ‘lived in sin’” (Lexi pg. 44) Lexi told Jeremy when trying to explain to him why they couldn’t live together before getting married. What Jeremy could not become accustomed to was the constant gossip about other people’s lives, although this did go on in the city it wasn’t as bad...
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