Literary Analysis: A Blanco Navidad for New Yorikans

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“A Blanco Navidad for New Yorikans”
Throughout the story “A Blanco Navidad for New Yorikans” the author uses many literary devices like tone, setting, and point of view. By using these devices the author wants to show the audience how much their life has changed since they moved from Puerto Rico to the United States. Through these literary devices, the author proves that they do not enjoy Christmas in the United States as much as they did in Puerto Rico. The author uses tone to improve the way they feel about having Christmas in the United States. Tone is the perspective or attitude that the author decides to use in their writing with regards to a character or a place. In this case the author is using tone towards a place. The place that is being referred to is the United States. In the story the author takes a negative, sad, and cynical tone towards the idea of celebrating Christmas in a new place. The author describes the setting in a way that makes a white Christmas seem bad. Typically having a white Christmas is seen in a beautiful setting, but in this case it is the opposite. The word setting is used to identify the time, place, and mood of the events. In this case the entire story takes place at their home in the Bronx. They are living in a new place than what they are used to in Puerto Rico during Christmas time. For example when she says “The snow Americans write songs about seem imminent. A white Christmas is pretty, but for me it brings to mind my other life in Puerto Rico”. The way Christmas is celebrated here in the United States is different then the way it is celebrated in Puerto Rico. The point of view of the story is told from a person who is upset with the move they had to make. Point of view means the manner in which a story is narrated or depicted. The point of view influences the tone in which the story takes place. Specifically to this story it is being told in the first person as a narrative. The point of view of the narrator can...
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