Literary Analysis: The Fault in Our Stars

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19 February 2014
The Fault in Our Stars Literary Analysis
The Fault in Our Stars can be interpreted to have many hidden meanings. One of the most overlooked and obscured meanings being unexpected events. More specifically, John Green will lead the reader on to one thing before throwing them a curveball. Green uses his knowledge of symbolism, imagery, diction, and metaphors to build on this idea.

To begin, John Green uses what seems to be his favorite writing tool, symbolism, in order to push his overall theme of unexpected events. He often refers to the unlit cigarette between Augustus’s lips (20). This appears, according to Hazel, to be Gus’s hamartia. She thinks he has a fatal flaw until he explains the metaphor behind it. This is the first time the reader witnesses Green’s unexpected events. Hazel Grace first feels “disappointment and anger” until she gets to know Gus, and she eventually grows to enjoy the symbols. This change of heart is not expected by the reader, and initially creates a sense of failure in Augustus Waters. The plot quickly takes a turn in his favor, though, as the reader learns more about him. Green also uses other tools to expand on his overall theme.

Another way Green uses symbolism in The Fault in Our Stars is through his constant reference to An Imperial Affliction. Hazel and Gus speak of the novel for a fair portion of the story, making references to the sudden end of the book. They speak about how they would love to know how it ends, but could never find out. Such as their initial conversation about An Imperial Affliction, Augustus says ”I guess Anna died” (53). A guess is all we have to give. Green continues to show this in similar ways, constantly reminding the reader that life, just like a book, can end without any warning. Next, a lot of thought went into the author’s use of imagery. This idea is used several times in the novel to show that things can...
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