Literary Analysis of Robert Frosts "Out,Out---"

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It Is Never The Boys Fault
The poem “Out, Out---“ by Robert Frost is a narrative poem describing when a boy was doing a man’s job and sawing wood. When the boy was told it was time for dinner, he cut off part of his hand. This poem seems to be very shallow and to be only about this boy dying but its really more of that. This poem constantly takes the blame off of the boy for causing his death and puts it onto other people.

The first time this takes place is when Frost blames the boys parents for making him do adults work even though he was a boy. Frost says, “Call it a day, I wish they might have said” (Line 10). When he says this, he is saying he wished that the adults had let him quit. If the adults had let they boy quit then he would still be alive. This shifts the blame of the boy messing up to the adults for not letting him quit and this caused his death. Also he blames them for his death by making the boy do a mans work. Frost states, “Since he was old enough to know, big boy doing a man’s work, though a child at heart” (23-24). The boy, whether he is doing a mans job or not, is still a boy and Frost blames the parents for making him work and eventually killing him. Yet back in the time of this poem it was normal for boys to do this type of work to help their fathers. Since this was before the industrial revolution it was normal for boys to help their fathers on the farm because of how long it took to do the work (Current Events). Frost doesn’t think that this was okay so he states it in this poem.

Frost also takes the blame off of the boy and gives it to the saw. Frost says, “As if to prove saws knew what supper meant, leaped out at the boy’s hand” (15-16). This states that the saw jumped out of the boy’s hand and took it. Frost is saying that it is the saws fault for jumping out of the boy’s hand and cutting it off. He personifies the saw throughout the poem and uses this to blame the saw for the boy’s death. Another example of Frost personifying...

Cited: Current Events 12/1/2006, Vol. 106 Issue 12, p2-2
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