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This World Is A Stage
In “Miss Brill” the author Katherine Mansfield creates the metaphor of the world being a stage and the character of Miss Brill being an actress. This illusion can determine her to be a round character because she is afraid of being the person that she isn’t. Miss Brill hides her real emotions by hiding behind a teacher role instead of being true to herself. The character Miss Brill arrives at a theme of isolationism and abandonment; by acting Miss Brill can be recognized as a round character by having a hidden emotion by acting a certain manner.

To be able to understand why Ms. Brill uses loneliness as a protective wall around her actual personality is because she is afraid of rejection and the reality of denial. “They were all on the stage. They weren’t only the audience, not only looking on; they were acting. – How strange she’d never thought of it like that before! And yet it explained why she made such a point of starting from home at just the same time each week - so as not to be late for the performance.” (Manfield Page 185). This demonstrates the value of Miss Brill having to put on a “performance”, she felt as if she has to act to allow people to accept her as an individual. Miss Brill’s character through-out the story shows a side of loneliness, she does not accept herself for who she is, but for who she isn’t. The emotions she feels are not real and dear to her, but performs them as if they are. The orchestra and the music they play in the story are insightful of the way she feels at the park. “The band sounded louder and gayer. That was because the season had begun.”(Mansfield, 185) Because of the season Miss Brill was in she feels enlightened by the music she was hearing suggesting the way she felt at that time.

The fur at the beginning of the story is an article of clothing near and dear to her heart that she carries around with her at the park but is rather ironic...

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