Literary Analysis

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Assignment 2
Literary Analysis Essay
In- Class Assignment
500+ words
27-28 July
15% Week 4

Literary Analysis Essay
• What is it?
– Analyzes literary text. How?
• By tackling any number of aspects of the content such as the:

Thematic (economic, political, philosophical, sociological, psychological, etc.)

• It concentrates and uses the text (not real life) as its base. Literary Analysis Essay
• Why do we write them?
– To help cement our understanding of the text through the creative process of writing.
– To help me, the teacher, understand what you have gleaned from the text;
– And how you have reacted to the themes and the details of the text.

Literary Analysis Essay
• How do we write them?
– There are many ways…aspects. This is the beuty of literature! and no single correct one as long as you prove your point and built your argument on evidence, implication, elaboration , analysis of the text .
– You will be given a question or proposition regarding a theme or aspect of the text.
– Some examples of questions include:
• How does Dickens’ portrayal of children differ in Great Expectations from the depiction in Oliver Twist?’
• ‘”Macbeth is a victim of circumstance.” Discuss.

Literary Analysis Essay
• How do we write them?
– When analysing a literary text, it is important to grasp the main themes.
– So, it’s not only the text we focus on. We consider many aspects of the text.
– The next question is what do we use to analyse these aspects of the texts?
– Let’s recall the themes of Mice and Men

What makes a good essay?

• 1. Male relationship

2.Loneliness and isolation
• 3.Power and weakness
• 4.The impossibility of the American dream
5.Social barriers and prejudice
6.Freedom and confinement
7. Gender roles- female characters

Literary Analysis Essay
• What do we use to analyze texts?
• We use analytical and theoretical tools.

Feminist Perspective
Sociological Perspective
Psychological Perspective

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