Literary Analysis

Topics: Love Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Anne Dupont
Ms. Steinlage
American Literature and Composition
December 21st, 2012
A Risen Angel
Throughout life, everyone has different roads they have to travel, some easy and some difficult: “For some of us, one mile can be more to walk than thirty” (164). The road of Angel, a young prostitute, is dark and hope is lost until she is rescued by Michael Hosea, a man called by God to marry her. Although Angel is extremely stubborn, she slowly opens her heart and learns to trust, but she still feels unworthy of his love and she continuously runs away. Each time she runs, Michael chases after her, bringing her back to her home and shows her the undying love he and God have for her. As more people are brought into her life, she continues to feel unworthy and runs away for good, but this time as a changed person wanting the best for those she has learned to love. In the end she must make the difficult decision to stay away or to return and ask forgiveness from her faithful husband. Angel, a lost prostitute, struggles to find hope and truth in Francine River’s, Redeeming Love, but through lessons taught by the people she encounters she finds a new life and an understanding of real love.

As a young child, Angel falls prey to lustful acts of a man named Duke; He teaches her not to trust men (they only use women and throw them away) and causes her to form a false image in her mind of what “love” is. When she is sold to him, she is an innocent child, safe from horrors of lust, but he quickly shows her the evils in the world and takes away her hope for a normal life. She tries to run from him—numerous times—without success. She finally escapes, but she is found by Duchess, a greedy owner of a prostitute house, and is brought back into the life she has known from childhood. Angel learns not to have any feelings anymore. She is forced to work and please the unending stream of men that pay for her company; furthermore, she is assigned a body guard not only to protect...
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