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Homeschooling Pro’s and Con’s

IV. Introduction
A. Compare and contrast

II. Background on homeschooling
A. statistics

III. A pro to homeschooling
A. Work completion is faster

IV. Homeschooling con
A. Socially awkward students

V.Positive facts
A. Peer pressure protection

A. students missing out

VII. Negative factors
A. Smothering family members
B. One income

VIII. More pro’s
A. Greater test scores

IX. More con’s
A. Huge responsibility

X. Conclusion:
A. Homeschooling or public schooling?

Grimm 1
Homeschooling Pro’s and Con’s

The choice of a child's education is one of the most important decisions in the series of choices a parent makes while raising their child.  If the parent’s choice is homeschooling the student may benefit by graduating early, having a better environment to learn in, and achieve higher test scores.  However, one of the downsides is the student will not learn valuable social skills, the family will only consume one income, and the parents may not be able to handle the enormous responsibility of taking on the task of educating their own child; which has a great impact on a student's future.  No matter what the parents choice is, there are always going to be some ups and downs to their decision.  In making this decision the parents need to consider all the options and choose the one that will greater benefit their child. Homeschooling has grown into a much more commonly used education option.  “Recent surveys suggest that over a million American children are currently taught at home, and the number grows every year” (Bauer).  Generally when people think “home schooling,” they think sitting at the kitchen table with their parents learning out of textbooks and worksheets.  While other parents may think, homeschooling students don’t have to stay at the kitchen table to learn.  Home schooled students do spend a lot of time outside the home; learning on field trips and participating in demonstrations (WPA).  Parents who Grimm 2

homeschool their children do not have to follow a curriculum therefore they are able to take their children out to experience other more hands on events.  Curriculums chosen do not have to be reviewed or approved by officials.  Also a  parent who homeschools does not have to be a certified teacher to teach their own children at home.       Just one day of school work spent homeschooling is equivalent to one weeks worth of schoolwork spent in public school (Shaw).  Only an hour of the school day in a public school is spent “on task” (Shaw).  Homeschooling is faster and spent completing school work and accomplishing the required tasks.  On the other hand, public schooling is spent fooling around with your friends, zoning out, and goofing off, during the majority of the school day.  Students in a public school don’t receive one-on-one time with the teacher as much as home schooled students do, due to the fact that public schools have much bigger classes and most public school students don’t live with their teachers.  Home schooled students get the attention they need to exceed academic goals at home.  In a public school, it’s hard for the teacher to provide a class including thirty or more students, your individual time and concentration.   Although students may complete assignments faster than a student enrolled in public school, home schooled students don’t receive social opportunities.  Unlike public school, a homeschooled student doesn’t have classmates to interact with.  A homeschooled student is only around their family, all day and night.  In public school, a student is surrounded by other students their age, who most likely have the same interests Grimm 3

as themselves.  Some people might call a home schooled student “socially awkward” ,due to lack of communication with strangers.  In home schooling a student doesn’t have peers, other than their own siblings and parents.  If a...

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