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The Smarter Measure quiz helped me notice my learning styles. This included my life factors, personal attributes, technical competency, technical knowledge, and reading recall. Between personal attributes, technical competency, technical knowledge, life factors and reading recalls, life factors is my highest one. This puts me at 82% on a 100% scale. Technical competency is at 80%, personal attributes at 69%, reading recall at 60% and technical knowledge at 41%. These are all the things that make up my learning styles. My primary learning style is social. My learning style is an 8 for social, a 7 for physical and solitary, a 6 for aural, logical and visual and 4 for verbal. Having a social learning style means that I communicate well with other people, both verbally and non-verbally. I prefer learning in groups and I like spending one on one time with the teacher. My lowest learning style is verbal. Verbal style includes both written and spoken words. This one is my lowest one because I don’t find it easy to express myself. I do not like reading but I like writing. My typing accuracy was measured at 95% and my typing speed was measured at 18 WPM. I have the ability to type but the speed is not fast. Overall I thought the comparison to other smarter measure averages was well rounded because I am smart and I found out that I am really more of a social learner than a visual learner. I believe that the results from my smarter measure quiz will impact my ability to be successful in this class because I know what type of learner I am. I am a social learner so this will help in my classes because I know that I have to communicate with my teacher or the other students around me. On an 100% scale, I measured 82%. Life factors is simply the way a person lives his or her life that consequentially influences the quality of life. This may include behavioral and social issues. Examples of these factors could be smoking, food, nutrition, and sedentary lifestyle. I have an...
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