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Topics: High school, Dyslexia, Paper Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Jesse Bottemiller
Allison Pinkerton
English Composition 1
28 August, 2013
Literacy Sponsors
As a child, I was constantly held in high regard. Whether it was my parents gloating about my intellect, or how I was a “smart ass” at a young age. I was shaped by my parents; they always pushed me to strive to be ahead. My literary background was formed by my parents positively influencing my development through their own actions and guidance, my peers, and my own interest. My mother always gave me books and this influenced me to read often in my pre-teen years and has helped me with my ability to read. Although, in elementary school, being smart labeled you as a nerd and made you the bullies’ center of attention. Because of this, I became very lazy in an effort to shy their attention away from me and to make more friends. At home, however, I would love to read and would often lose myself in those livid pages, find myself stuck in other worlds. This negative expectation caused me to carry on this mindset through high school and allowed my grades, as well as my drive, to slip and a depreciation of my parents’ pride. My earliest memory of reading or writing is these old learning books that I used to read in preschool. My mom used to make me read them over and over to ingrain the information in my head; they ranged from the stars to ancient pharaohs and gave me a better background and understanding before I went to school. I used to hate reading but it slowly increased my interest and seemed to give me a better reading ability and I’ve kept the interest since then. During elementary school, we had to read a book a month, to keep ourselves reading, even though, most students dreaded it. It was often difficult to find a book I enjoyed, but when I did I read the entire book in just a few days. My peers tended to be a negative impact on my literacy because they would often joke that I was a nerd for reading, which would make me want to stray away from books. Some...
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