Literacy Narrative

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Literacy Narrative
Learning to read, write, and compose is a major part of every human beings life and if your guided and/or helped to becoming a good reader, writer, or composer that is double the excellence. Learning to read, write, and compose is a privilege. Not all humans get this privilege of learning these special qualities. These qualities not only help you with other humans but with yourself in the rest of your life. These qualities or traits you obtain help you in everyday life to help you live a life at ease without the struggle of not being able to read, write, compose, and such.

When I was very young, my parents would read to me every night I went to sleep. They would tell me “Austin, it’s time for bed,” and I would run to my room to my blue bookshelf that I had in the corner of my room. Now, they would be following close behind me and re-emphasize that I could only choose two books, but usually I convinced them to let me pick out three books instead. I loved having a ton of books when I was young and all of them made it to my bookshelf. My favorite books were “The Little Engine That Could” and another book that was about a bear that went outside to play and got ants in his pants. This book usually got a little giggle out of me as a child and oh how I loved my parents reading it and all the other books to me. This explains my sprint to my room every night as a youngster.

Having my parents read to me at a very young age somewhat jumpstarted my brain and led me to learn lots of words and phrases as a kid. Being that they read to me every night, I always was listening and hearing words and even sometimes having an image to relate words to. I believe that the reading that was done for me every night before I went to bed was a large part of my learning to read. At this age, it was almost as if I’d rather not see the words, but just listen to them and look at all the pictures.

As I grew up I started to really enjoy reading. I think that all the...
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