Literacy Narrative

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Literacy Narrative……CH
Back in 1986, when I was in eighth grade; my first experience with computers was horrible. We would sit in class and enter line after line of code; which made as much sense to me as typing in a foreign language. I was typing in letters and numbers, but had no idea what they meant. Hours were spent this way; so at the end of the exercise I could hit ”enter” and see some lines flash across the screen over and over. By the time I was finished with eighth grade I never wanted to see another computer ever again. Unfortunately the following year in high school I had to take a computer course. It was more of the same; a bunch of codes and “mumbo-jumbo” that had no meaning to me what so ever. I struggled through the class the rest of the semester and barely passed. The whole experience left a bad taste in mouth. There was a lot more writing in high school also and everything had to be typed. This usually meant working on the computers. I think my loathing of computers started to affect my writing assignments. My discomfort was showing through on my reports. It was a stupid hang-up that was pulling me down and making me detest writing of any type. As hard as I tried I couldn’t get passed it. Computers were my nemesis. I hated them and I felt as if they hated me. This would be my attitude for years to come. In 1994 I had joined the Air Force and was living in Japan. One day I had received a letter in the mail. It said, the “World Wide Web” would be coming to the base soon and explained what it was because they did not have it in Japan yet; heck it was still new in America. This was a very big deal because the base was located at the farthest, northern tip of the mainland. It was wedged right between hundreds of rice patty farms and the bottoms of mountains; secluded to say the least. Anything new was big news and this was some of the biggest news in a long time. The next day at work all the talk was about “the web”....
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