Literacy Narative Reader and Writer

Topics: Writing, Thought, The Reader Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: February 25, 2014
A good writer is a good reader, and a good reader should, at the very least, be on his or her way of becoming a good writer. So far in my life I have been mostly functioning as a reader in literary terms. As a reader, I am mostly concerned about effectively interpreting the presented information and use it to better my circumstances. I learned to be an effective reader by acquiring a set of skills to recognize and adapt to the established format that certain writers use to present information, such as in technical manuals or regulatory publications. However now is the time that I would have to sharpen my skills to be both an effective reader and writer. Originally I thought writing was straight forward. I would often write without regard to my intended readers, and then writing is just simply transcribing the words from my mind onto paper. I was certain the words would mean the same to others. However the words sometimes did not carry their intended meaning and power. I think it’s because my train of thoughts as the writer may not have been depicted effectively or even artistically enough to prepare the readers to engage the information in the same manner or context. Then I question myself, do the words on paper really even mean anything to others? Now I fully believe the relationship between the reader and the writer is of codependence and it is a relationship of mutual benefit and understanding. As a reader I view the writer as someone who is writing for my pleasure and my mind’s hunger for information. To pick up a book and be thought how to do certain tasks or understand a complex concept is an immeasurable tool for me to be successful in today’s world. Based on my needs I am more used to the writers who are straight forward in presenting information and teaching points backed with hard specific data. When it comes to reading for pleasure, such as reading a literature book, I still lack the skills to completely immense myself into the story, to...
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