Topics: Sherman Alexie, High school, Spokane people Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: April 20, 2013
When I hear the word “literacy” I think of being able to read and write. Most people learn to read and write when they are in elementary school and continue to learn until college. Being part of this world you cannot get anywhere without learning to read and write because then how will you know how to drive, food shop, or even read the newspaper to find out what is going on in the world. Not everyone cares enough to continue their education and expand their knowledge. In America Skips School: Why We Talk So Little about Education and Do So Little, By Benjamin R. Barber he states “90 million adult Americans lacked simple literacy and numeracy”. This means that they didn’t continue their secondary education and don’t care about not knowing how to read, write or even count numbers. He also states these statistics that “130,000 children bring a gun to school along with their pencils and notebooks”. These are the kids of parents who don’t care whether their kids end up as president or behind bars for committing a crime. I personally feel that continuing your education is a key part to life because once you further your knowledge you will be successful and not working a minimum wage job wondering where the next meal will come from. Not only does Barber discuss the importance of education but Frederick Douglass and Sherman Alexie discuss their views of education and how they were educated. Slavery in the 1900’s was a huge in the south and people were being taken advantage of. The government didn’t understand that the slaves like everyone else so they were treated differently. Reading and writing was something banned. Although it was wasn’t allowed Sherman Alexie and Frederick Douglass both snuck around and found ways to educate themselves. Frederick Douglass was denied the privilege to learn how to read because before people knew slavery would end; they thought why teach them to read when they will be doing slave work for the rest of their lives. Sherman...
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