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Topics: Fahrenheit 451, The Fireman, Guy Montag Pages: 6 (1272 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Lit sig Notes- Pages 71-91
Montag and Mildred were reading in the afternoon, as they were reading the mechanical hound starts to sniff the door witch scares Mildred. Montag starts to read but then realizes he's not understanding the books so he decides to call Faber who is a University Professor that Montag caught reading at the park about a year ago. Montag calls and asks if there are any Bibles,  Shakespeare, or Plato are left in the country. Faber says that people need quality information, the leisure to digest it, and the freedom to act on what they learn.  Montag suggests planting books in the firemen's homes to show people that the profession is wasted and watch the firehouse burn. But Faber decides this is unnecessary because no one reads books. Faber says they just need to wait and see because the coming war will eventually mean the death of the TV families. Montag concludes that they could use that as a chance to bring books back. Montag reaches for the bible and without think to intimidate Faber into helping him Montag rips pages out of the bible one by one. When Faber agrees he reveals that he has a friend at the printing office that can help. Montag also asked for help with Beatty so Faber gives him a two way radio that fits in Montag's ear. Character

Guy Montag- Fireman, Main Character
Unfocused- When Montag tried to read the Bible in the subway he couldn't stop thinking about the Dentifrice commercial. He tried to refocus but continuously stopped and listened to the commercial. Short tempered- As the Dentifrice commercial was on Montag continuously told it to shut up in his mind but in the end he stood quickly screaming at the radio telling the radio to stop playing the commercial. Convincing- when Faber wouldn't agree with Montag he knew exactly how to make him agree with him by ripping the pages out of the Bible. This got Faber's attention, making him cave and make him go along with his plan. Faber- English professor

Protective- When Montag came to his door immediately started giving him explanations. When Faber let Montag into his house he made sure Montag wasn't with anyone. When Faber realized Montag was looking towards to room he was keeping his inventions he immediately closed it. Inventor- He made a two way radio that allows him to listen to conversation through peoples ears and allows him to talk into their ear. Style and theme

Once as a child he had sat upon a yellow dune sifted through with a hot whispering... down his cheeks. (78)

Symbol- sieve with sand

Significance- This passage shows that Montag is trying to memorize the book but the faster he reads the more he fore gets. The quotation says when you fill the sieve you get a dime. This shows that you can read the entire book but you're not going to remember all of it you will only remember little things. The faster you fill the bucket the faster it falls out. This shows the faster you read the book the more information falls from your head.

Theme- Self-Fulfillment: Montag is trying to reach his goal of memorizing the book but he can't achieve it because he isn't understanding the what he is reading.

Parlor was dead and gray as the water of an ocean that might teem with life if they switched on the electronic sun Simile- dead and gray as the water of an ocean
The black screen was compared to the ocean at night when it was just black and you can't see its true colours. The switch is like the sun it. The sun represents life and on earth the sun is bright and it's you can see the worlds colours. The switch is compared to the sun because it turns the TV screen on making it bright and appear with life instead of the dark black screen that shows nothing. Theme-Technology: The parlor is described as dead when it is off and the switch is shown as the power

Lit sig notes-Pages 91-110
Montag withdraws money from the bank to give to Faber and listens to reports over the radio that the country is getting...
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