Lit Response 1: Egyptian Love Poems

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Responses should be typed, single-spaced, totaling two pages. Setup with a standard MLA heading. You will print your responses and turn in hard copies. When writing your responses, list the question, then your response. Number the questions. Each response should be a full paragraph of 7-10 sentences.
1. In Egyptian Love Poems, is love described as a happy thing? What are some of the obstacles or barriers to love? What indications are there that love can be tragic, or at least threatening?
In Egytian Love Poems, translated by Michael V. Fox, love is potrayed in both a positive and negative aspect. The poems are of a young couple being in love. The poems describe love as pleasures of desire and sex, as well as, feelings of selfishness and jealousy. In The Beginning of the Song That Diverts the Heart and My god, my Lotus.., love is depicted through imagery of nature depicting love as intimate and free to expose sexuality. Then, romance and sexual desires arouse through I wish I were her Nubian maid. The obstacles or barriers to love surface through the next three poems. The perception of how others view your relationship, especially family members, is an apparent obstacle to love in I passed close by his house. Another barrier to love is the feeling of necessity or yearning for eachother 's presence in Seven whole days, when the boy longs for the presence of his lover for his existence. Another obstacle is jealousy and selfishness of eachother 's wants and needs in Am I not here with you? This poem shows that love can be tragic because lovers begin to compare themselves and their importance to things of regular life, which cause jealousy and selfishness. Overall, the moral of the Egyptian Love Poems is that love is beautiful, but beauty always comes with flaws.

2. In "The Great Hymn to the Aten," and in Egyptian literature in general, why is the sun seen as a particularly important aspect of divinity? What is monotheism, and what does Akhenaten have to do with its

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