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Langston hughes
Early Autumn Literature Analysis Essay

Langston Hughes short story “Early Autumn” demonstrates how distance and time can heal a broken heart. The main character Bill illustrates his distance from Mary showing that he has moved on with his life and relationship. The symbolism in Langston Hughes short story “Early Autumn” reveals the coldness and distance Bill has towards his and Mary’s once relationship. Hughes writes, “It was late afternoon. Nearly sunset. Cold.” (Hughes, n.d., para 4) is a perfect example of Bill’s and Mary’s lost relationship. The sunset symbolizes the darkness and coldness in Bill and Mary’s now relationship. Bill is unable to see anything other than a casual friendship with Mary. The coldness has moved in and fall has packed her bags and winter has now arrived to take up residence. The trees are bare and lifeless, it resembles how Bill feels towards the relationship him and Mary once shared, he is emotionless almost lifeless towards Mary. For Bill the darkness is so thick he is unable to see anything in front of him. This woman standing before him may have been someone he once knew a long time ago but she is now someone he no longer recognizes. It’s like the grim reaper had made his appearance taking any life and happiness that had been for Bill and Mary’s once relationship. For Bill that part of his life had been buried and laid to rest a long time ago. The handshake symbolizes the finality of the once relationship for Bill. Mary still clings to the hope that Bill has feelings for her upon seeing him again (“Unconsciously, she lifted her face as though wanting a kiss, but he held out his hand.” Hughes, n.d., para 3). Bill extends his hand to Mary almost instantly severing any idea of romanticism that Mary could have possibly had. Bill extends his hand to Mary almost instantly severing any idea of romanticism that Mary could have possibly had. Bill’s almost business like handshake shows that he...

References: Hughes, L. (n.d.). Early autumn. Retrieved from
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