Listerine Vanilla Mint: An Analysis

Topics: Flavor, Methyl salicylate, Marketing Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: February 6, 2008
Listerine Vanilla Mint

What is it that interesting about this product? Probably the whole process of designing & launching this product-promotional plan, launch timing, positioning etc. For a long time Listerine has been emphasizing its intense flavor that some how relates to its effectiveness in killing germs. But suddenly here comes Listerine Vanilla Mint. The first time I saw this product I thought "What?! is Listerine giving up its strongest position,". But when I look closer the scheme is not that simple.

The first thing that got my attention is its color. Other flavors of Listerine normally have bright & shiny color, while Vanilla Mint has aquatic water-cleared appearance. Besides the color of the liquid, the plastic wrap on the cap has different color from usual too. It's very easy to notice since everybody else has black cap. But our Vanilla Mint has a vanilla-colored cap. This new Listerine also has a strong scent of vanilla followed with a bit of mint. I guess that is why it's named "Vanilla Mint" not Mint Vanilla. However, the taste is the most obvious part that distinguishes this product from its family. It has a sweet taste of vanilla and almost nothing else. I tried to compare its taste with Systema mouthwash's which in my opinion is its direct competitor since Systema explicitly claims that a burnt taste of mouthwash product can harm consumers' dental health. It turns out that Systema's product has even more intense taste than Listerine Vanilla Mint. From overall, this product's color, scent, taste has successfully given the perception of "less intense flavor"-a light, unburnt, sweet taste. If those attributes aren't clear enough to show consumers the change in its selling point. Listerine has even better way to tell consumers which is through packaging. On the bottle, a label says "less intense, equally effective", and also a picture of vanilla stick & mint leaves. These pictures will be on only the less intense product...
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