Listening Skill

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Communication is the most favored and important system of life. Improper system of communication can affect ones task adversely. It forms the basis of almost every field of life. This system includes print media, electronic media like radio and television. Among communication listening skill is the most important source. it is the main source of achievement. Through listening skills it is easy for a person to understand and to make others understand your point of view. In every field of modern world listening skills play its important role. It is really admired in every part of world and everyone is aware of its importance.

2. I consider myself to be an average listener. There is a need to work on my abilities in order to enhance my skill. my main strength while listening to others is my interest in others issues always want to know what others think about something and where do we differ in thoughts so in comparison of thought I usually give importance to listening. my major weakness is the lack of concentration while listening to people I unintentionally get lost in my thoughts and sometimes miss some important facts. Whenever my friends are in serious discussion with me I can’t give an ear to their sayings because of my own worries that are all emerged in my mind. I am lost in my own thoughts and can't concentrate on them due to which they keep on telling me and I am unable to listen to them this is indeed not good as i should listen to them with full concentration so that I can express my views in a much better way. Most of the times its about priorities sometimes for me what’s going on in my mind is more important than what’s going on in others so I can’t concentrate in that case. Sometimes it happens that due to sleeplessness i fail to understand what others say. It affects my discussion adversely. I try my best to be fresh whenever I am involved in some sort of discussion but sometimes i fail to do so and have to bear the...
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