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Speech 20
October 23, 2013

Listening Behavior

Listening examples:
Person – My friend
Circumstance – We were playing disc golf. My friend was telling me about his job sending him to Japan for 3 months.
Listening Behavior – We were playing a game so we were not continuously looking at each other, I would occasionally input my feedback and opinion on the matters he spoke of. Our conversation on this topic lasted a good 20 minutes.

Additional Comments – My friend was worried about leaving to a foreign country for three months, he was afraid that he would not enjoy living outside his comfort zone and away from his friends and family. made it known that he appreciated our conversation and my input and advice. It seemed that he just needed someone to express his feelings to and I was glad to be able to provide that for him.

Person – My friend
Circumstance – We are lifelong friends and he was calling me just to catch up and fill each other in on what we have been up to recently. and I grew up together but at the age of 13 our parents had a falling out, so we see each other much less, especially now that he goes to school in Boulder Colorado. We regularly call each other to catch up and tend to have long, meaningful conversations about our recent activities. This time that he called me I was preoccupied with playing video games.

Listening Behavior – I was more preoccupied with my games than I was with my phone conversation. I exhibited signs of mindless listening and maybe a bit of pseudolistening because I would respond every now and again with an “uh huh” or “yeah” to make it seem like I was paying attention, when in reality I was completely absorbed in my game.

Additional Comments – My friend knows me too well to not get the feeling of me being distracted. He quickly called me out on not listening to him and he told me to call back when I was free. Luckily and I are great friends and he didn’t take my lack of attention offensively. I...
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